Ingenious Upholstery for Family Life from Fama

Ingenious Upholstery for Family Life from Fama

The new Arianna Love seating combination from Spanish Company Fama has taken centre stage in the Beadle Crome Interiors showroom window in the last couple of weeks and is getting the attention it deserves.  The display shows an amazing use of Striking and Fun fabrics.

The Arianna Love is just one collection of many fabulous multi-faceted seating possibilities from Fama who excel is designing stylish seating very much with ‘family’ in mind, providing  practical solutions for every space in your Living areas and if you want to inject some fun and colour you will be inspired by the fabrics on offer.

If you know of the Mah Jong seating classic introduced by Roche Bobois many years ago, which reappears each season in new Design led coverings from leading Fashion houses, but can only dream of another time and income due to the cost, then you will love that Fama have cleverly designed upholstery collections along a similar theme.

Fama collections contain all of all the best aspects of brilliant modern design, with extensive choice in styles and fabrics and finishes and just so much more.  Slightly more structured designs make their seating ranges even more appealing to a wider audience and at affordable prices. Maybe it is unfair to draw a comparison with the Mah Jong as this is in truth only a one similarity with one style.

Their philosophy is very much that the sofa has a life – a big part in our home life and where we seek comfort and enjoy our leisure time.

Beadle Crome Interiors have represented Fama over a number of years and in each representation have shown the common feature that they are designed to be enjoyed at home.

Sofas, Modular corner Groups and not forgetting an amazing collection of Comfy Chair designs can be customised using a vast selection of fabrics and finishes available to see in the Beadle Crome Interiors showroom. So it’s very personal and selection is an enjoyable exercise.

Fama design and manufacture their own upholstery in Spain using the most advanced technology and skills of craftsmanship.

From an Eco point of view, Fama are proud to inform us that 92% of the waste material generated from the production process is recycled, which is commendable.

Fama have an enthusiastic following from their happy clients from around the world and this includes those of Beadle and Crome Interiors, who have purchased Fama.  You can see the choices, combinations and colours that customers have introduced to their homes and how they enjoy and love their sofas and chairs! It’s fun and inspirational. Take a look.

17th June 2019

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