Motion Furniture Information

Motion Furniture Guide Unsupervised ChildrenChildren and Motion Furniture  Do not allow children under the age of 4 to use motion seating. Children aged 4 and above should always be supervised by a responsible adult when using motion furniture. Similarly, children should not play with motion furniture, or be around motion furniture whilst operational. Recliner sofas are not a toy.                         

Motion Furniture Guide Pets Pets around recliner sofas Like children, pets should be kept away from motion seating whilst operational or following a lengthy period of reclining, to avoid them being trapped in any of the moving parts. Whether they’re in use or not in use, be careful when interacting with the moving accessible parts of a recliner sofa, such as the footrest or sides and underneath mechanisms.

Motion Furniture Guide Loose Wires Be aware of loose and tangling wires of electrical power cables These are hazards and may cause an incident, such as an electrical fire or electric shock. It is advisable to unplug electrical motion seating when not in use and ensure that cables are not in, around, or under your furniture.

Motion Furniture Guide spills Clean spillages  Clean up any spillages around electronics as these will lead to product damage and potentially cause electric shock or electrical fires. This is particularly important for electrically assisted recliner sofas.

Motion Furniture Guide furniture placement Furniture placement Motion seating should always be disconnected prior to moving and placed on flat, even floor types. You can safely move furniture with glides.


Motion Furniture Guide fixing Do not attempt to open or fix Please avoid trying to open or fix electrical components. If any electrical components of your motion seating are not working, please call Beadlecrome Interiors customer service for technical consultation

Motion Furniture Guide damagedHandle any damaged components with care In the rare event of any battery or electrical issue resulting in an outburst or fire, please do not touch the components without appropriate personal protective handwear and clothing. For appropriate battery safety, dispose of these components accordingly to your surroundings. Please note that if Beadlecrome Interiors is being approached for the root cause of an issue, components may be required to enable a full investigation and will be chargeable if out of warranty.

How to safely operate your electric or battery-powered recliner. When choosing your recliner sofa or chair, you typically have two power-assisted options: electrical or battery-powered.

How to safely operate electric recliner sofas As electric recliner sofas need to be plugged into the mains to function, there are specific risks associated with this type of motion seating. For example, trailing wires can cause a tripping hazard. Remember that all safety information will be found within the operating instructions and safety warnings provided with the product. However, you should also be aware of the following potential hazards when operating your electric recliner sofa or chair:

Don’t use multiple extensions

Do not use multiple extension leads or overload plug sockets. If cables or device wires are trapped, impacted by motion seating, or chewed by pets, this may cause short circuiting, fires, or electric shock. Check wires before using or moving furniture.If you move your recliner sofa, ensure that wires are tidy and not tangled. Any impact or wire entrapment may cause an electrical issue, or worst case, result in a fire or electric shock.

Safely extinguish any fires

In the case of electrical damage resulting from melting or a small fire, please ensure this is managed and extinguished correctly. Turn the electricity off at the mains if safe to do so and ensure that safety comes first when distinguishing any fire. Never use water on electrical fires.

Technology advisories

Smart technology comes in a wide variation, therefore, some devices that are charged by USB ports may or may not withstand a general 5 volt and 2.0-2.5 amp current output. In addition, not all phones are compatible with Wireless charging. Please read all electrical devices for safety information on the recommended output and compatibility.


How to safely operate your battery recliner sofa

While perfectly safe when used correctly, battery pack recliner sofas have their own unique hazards to keep in mind. Misuse of battery packs can lead to overheating. Therefore, battery safety and charging responsibility should strictly be with a responsible adult.

Remember to consider the following potential hazards when operating your battery-pack recliner sofa or chair:

Prevent overcharging

Always unplug batteries when fully charged. This helps prevent overcharging, which may result in overheating, shortening battery life, or even an outburst or fire. Please refer to user instructions for charging instructions to practice proper battery safety.

Keep batteries charged

Avoid sudden charging to inactive batteries, as it could stress and shorten the battery life. It is important to ensure the battery is regularly charged and not run down flat.

Avoid direct sunlight or temperatures above 45°C degrees

This includes other heat sources, such as a fireplace, heaters, or even inflammable and explosive conditions. Doing so may result in causing the battery to leak and overheat, which can cause electrical damage and fires.

Do not spill liquid on batteries or live electrical components

Doing so may result in batteries being charged with an abnormal current or voltage. This can cause general overheating, explosions, and fire risks with your battery-powered recliner sofa.

Do not modify any electrical components or batteries

This may result in electrical damage or fire, and the contents may cause chemical burns or other reactions. If you tamper with electrical components or batteries, you will likely void the warranty on your motion seating. Be aware of odours, overheating, discolouration, or unusual reactions during use .In the event of any unusual reactions during use, recharging, or storage, immediately disconnect the charger. These hazards may result in overheating, electrical damage, and fires. If the battery leaks, disconnect the charger immediately Ensure it is placed away from any naked flame. The leaking electrolyte may be flammable and can cause the battery to explode or catch fire. Beadlecrome Interior products and components meet British and European electrical safety requirements.