Buying Guides


 Since 1972 Beadlecrome Interiors furniture has been made by some of Europe’s leading design led, quality manufacturers who have spent years investing and producing to the highest quality standards.


 We recommend you visit our showroom to look-feel-touch-sit-admire and try our beautiful quality dining tables and chairs, sofas, and storage arrangements before deciding on a purchase.


 It’s very helpful to measure the room and the areas which you wish to furnish, as getting the scale and size is so important to the overall look of the room. Generally larger sofas or dining tables are not a lot higher in cost than sizes below them so it is tempting to go for the ‘extra size and value’ but beware as you often have to walk around your furniture to doors so check sizes and bring them with you when visiting us for our free computer design service.

The right look for your home

Sizes and awkward shaped rooms can make furnishing difficult. Consider the scale of your room. Select furniture that is functional but also not overstated and that does not look too heavy. Our sofas and chairs in leather, whilst soft and comfortable, can be easily cleaned so lighter colours may be chosen.  Our Dining and Kitchen tables come in many sizes and remember you need to keep an area for the chairs or bench to allow easy access to and from the table to walk around. Very often the T.V. is still the principle area in the room where the family congregate. There is a need to co-ordinate the T.V. furniture where this sits or hangs with other styles in the room so the selection of finishes and styles which we offer makes a big difference to pulling it all together.


Sofa and chairs buying guide  

Buying new sofas and chairs is not something you do very often and it can all seem a little bit daunting. We want you to be pleased with your choice, and with so many different options available, we want you to take some time to think about what’s best for you and your home before you buy.

Any choice you make when purchasing your sofa or chairs will obviously depend on the size of your room and how many people you want to seat at any one time. If you'd like some help calculating space let us plan your room with our computer aided room planner & help you decide what sizes of sofa or if a corner sofa is relevant.

For tight spaces or doorways, some of our sofas come with bolt-on arms or in 2 parts. These will generally be to order, so do ask in store.

Many of our ranges have 2 or 3 sizes of sofa to choose from. A rough rule of thumb is that a large sofa will seat 3 average size adults comfortably. Small sofas will accommodate 2, and we also have compact or "snuggler" sofas which provide an oversized chair for one or a cosy sofa for a couple. Work out whether you're best off with 2 small sofas or one large sofa plus a couple of chairs - they may offer more flexibility as they can be positioned more easily. It's worth remembering that the arms of a sofa can make a big difference to the amount of seating capacity as well as ease of access to a room. If your room is small, narrower sofa arms give the illusion of a more compact piece. High backs on sofas and chairs may look best in rooms with higher ceilings. Lower backs in less open rooms can give the illusion of more space, but can also be used effectively in open-plan rooms to emphasise the sense of space. Open plan space can also be enhanced by using modular furniture in large configurations, but this type of furniture can be helpful in smaller spaces too because of its flexibility.

Covering leather or fabric?

Leather is enormously popular due to its smart, contemporary look but also its ease to care for & keep clean. Choose from many varieties and styles of leather. Treated & protected leathers will be robust but not feel as luxuries as less treated semi aniline leathers. Talk us through the use that the sofa will get & we can advise in store the correct leather to suit your lifestyle.

Leather sofas are easy to look after - just remove dust with a slightly damp cloth nothing stronger than a mild detergent to remove more stubborn stains.

Fabric sofas present you with a bigger range of colour options. They usually come in a fibre mix for strength and texture, and all our ranges are thoroughly tested for durability. We also sell microfibre upholstery that can be simply wiped down with a damp cloth to clean, and so are ideal for households with children or pets. Use soapy water or even baby wipes on stains.

Think carefully about strong colours in a very sunny room in case of fading.

Fillings for sofas

It may not be uppermost in your mind, but the filling in your chosen sofa does make a difference. Just as they offer different levels of support, sofas and chairs will require different levels of maintenance depending on the filling. Foam or foam with fibre will make an easier life for anyone with more limited mobility or strength.

Foam upholstery will feel firm and supportive, and lends a more tailored appearance to a sofa. It will recover well and all you'll need to do is turn the cushions occasionally to allow even wear. Over the years, the foam will compact and lose volume a little, though this process is much slower with high resilience foam.

Fibre, or foam with a fibre wrap, will give a softer look and feel to sofas and chairs. Just plump and turn cushions occasionally to maintain comfort and wear.

Feather-filled upholstery will have a more relaxed, casual look and a softer sit - ideal if you like to curl up on the sofa. You'll need to plump up cushions daily.

Home office buying guide

The office furniture you choose will need to suit the space it is going to fit into. If you need help with measuring we offer a full measure service. Also if you are able to take measurements of the room and bring into store we can create a computer aided design of your room. This helps to eliminate any mistakes with items that are too large or too small and also gives you a visulation on how your perfect study could look. Also it will enable you to make use of every space you have within the room our clever planning will create the perfect solution for you.

Choose your material carefully based on the style of the room you wish to create. If you want to create the feeling of space then let us plan an office that uses lighter materials such as glossy lacquers, glass or light woods. For very compact spaces we can plan neat compact desk solutions and also practical corner storage solutions.

If you have ample space then let us maximise it for you with clever corner desk solutions and integrated book shelving and storage solutions. If you have specific storage solutions for computer hardware or files let us bespoke units to cope with these requirements.

Management of cables and plugs is also key to many individual solutions. We can plan accessories that will hide the majority of unsightly cables and plugs.

A desk chair is very important as it will need to fully support you for the hours whilst you sit and work. Choose from a full range of ergonomic desk chairs that come in a colour to suit your décor.

Accessory buying guide  

Often the finishing touches can bring together a whole room design scheme. Our in house styling team can help with suggestions if you are struggling. Just advise us of the materials already in place in the room such as sofa covering or curtains or blinds and we can present a wonderful scheme for you.

Here at Beadle Crome Interiors we are proud of our wonderful range of accessories. Choose from stylish rugs and cushions in many different sizes, materials and colours.

Our range of mirrors is very large in many styles, shapes & colours. A mirror can often make a room feel larger so can be very useful in creative design.

We offer a large collection of lighting from Europe’s top brands. Use our lights to create moods within a room. Splashes of colour or clever soft LED lighting will add warmth to a room.

Our wide selection of vases, figures and ornaments can be used creatively to add that special touch to any room. Use muted or colourful pieces depending on your scheme.

Our artwork is both unique and inspirational. Weather you choose metal or canvas plain or coloured fused glass can be added to create a contemporary design.

Dining/Kitchen dining room  

Buying new dining furniture should be considered an investment and is not something you do very often. Therefore it is essential to make your choice wisely.

Firstly consider the environment to which the new dining table, chairs & storage is to go into. This environment will determine the style. If for instance the dining table & chairs is to go into a very modern & contemporary new kitchen dining room you should consider materials that are in keeping with the construction of kitchen units or work surfaces. Darker woods, glasses and lacquers are generally suited to larger spaces. Lighter woods, clear glass or glossy white or pale grey lacquers will not dominate and give the feeling of more space.

Secondly consider the space that the dining furniture needs to fit into. If you need help with this let us plan your room for you on our computer aided design module. This will help you determine whether a particular range you like will suit the space & also help determine the dimensions of pieces that will suit this space.

Dining tables can be fixed or extendable. You must choose the correct sizes to suit your space. But also consider the amount of people that you may on special occasions need to seat around your table. Extendable table versions can offer great flexibility. Compact when closed then spacious when opened up. Shape is also important lets us help advise you if round, square or rectangular suits your room.

Dining chairs should be selected to suit use requirements and also bear in mind styling. Dining chairs that will receieve heavy day to day use should be upholstered in hard wearing materials such as leather or faux leather or washable fabrics that can be wiped down easily. Chairs that have more of an occasional use can afford to be covered in more exotic fabrics or leathers that maybe do not offer such hard wear but can create a stunning showpiece look.

Storage furniture- Must of our storage furniture is modular so can be built to suit your space. Let us know your space and we can plan the units to suit. It is often an art in creating nice looking storage that is a blend between closed practical storage in combination with open or glazed storage. This where our computer aided room design can help you to visualise your future room design.

Bedroom floor

Wardrobes and chests

To enable us to advise on which range and what size pieces will suit your room it essential that you sketch the area or room that you are furnishing noting which way any doors open, the height of window sills, position of any radiators, the ceiling height and whether there is any coving.

Our wardrobes are either free standing or fitted, most can be specified in different widths and a choice of heights. Most of our wardrobes can be adapted in many different ways including sideways and rear sloping, depth and height reduction side and top infilling. In cases like this a site visit can be arranged. All of our prices include free local delivery and free standing assembly, fitted or adapted wardrobes are priced by quotation.

The interiors of our wardrobe can be tailored to suit your requirements therefore please give some thought to how much hanging space (short and long) or whether more shelf space or drawers are important to you. Our wardrobes and chests are available in a wide choice of wood finishes and wood veneers as well as matt and gloss lacquer colours. We want you to be delighted with your purchase, we therefore offer a no obligation free space planning service and a three dimensional colour drawing of the furniture you are considering in your room or area. To help with your selection of the finish of your bedroom furniture samples can be arranged.

Beds and mattresses

We have a wide choice of wood and upholstered frame beds, and divans some available in 3’ single most in 4’6” and 5’ king size and some available in 6’ super king size. We also have beds from Europe in 140cm, 160cm, and some from Hulsta in 200cm width. Please note that beds are described by the mattress size and in the case of wood or upholstered frame beds there will be additional width and length due to the thickness of the wood frame. Most wood and upholstered frame beds have slats which are an excellent way of supporting the mattress allowing for good ventilation.

We have a good range of mattresses including open and traditional pocket sprung mattresses, some coming in a choice of firmness also pocket sprung with visco-elastic pressure relieving top pads. We have the full range of foam and sprung Hulsta mattresses in all firmnesses together with visco-elastic mattresses without springs. When choosing a mattress it should neither be too soft or too firm for your body weight. When sleeping on your side you should be making an impression where your shoulders and hips are allowing your back to be supported with your spine in a straight position. Of course personnel preference plays an important part when choosing a mattress and there is no substitute for trying and lying. Please feel free to try any of our mattresses for as long as you wish.