Dining/Kitchen Buying Guide

Dining/Kitchen dining room

Buying new dining furniture should be considered an investment and is not something you do very often. Therefore it is essential to make your choice wisely.

Firstly consider the environment to which the new dining table, chairs & storage is to go into. This environment will determine the style. If for instance the dining table & chairs is to go into a very modern & contemporary new kitchen dining room you should consider materials that are in keeping with the construction of kitchen units or work surfaces. Darker woods, glasses and lacquers are generally suited to larger spaces. Lighter woods, clear glass or glossy white or pale grey lacquers will not dominate and give the feeling of more space.

Secondly consider the space that the dining furniture needs to fit into. If you need help with this let us plan your room for you on our computer aided design module. This will help you determine whether a particular range you like will suit the space & also help determine the dimensions of pieces that will suit this space.

Dining tables can be fixed or extendable. You must choose the correct sizes to suit your space. But also consider the amount of people that you may on special occasions need to seat around your table. Extendable table versions can offer great flexibility. Compact when closed then spacious when opened up. Shape is also important lets us help advise you if round, square or rectangular suits your room.

Dining chairs should be selected to suit use requirements and also bear in mind styling. Dining chairs that will receieve heavy day to day use should be upholstered in hard wearing materials such as leather or faux leather or washable fabrics that can be wiped down easily. Chairs that have more of an occasional use can afford to be covered in more exotic fabrics or leathers that maybe do not offer such hard wear but can create a stunning showpiece look.

Storage furniture- Must of our storage furniture is modular so can be built to suit your space. Let us know your space and we can plan the units to suit. It is often an art in creating nice looking storage that is a blend between closed practical storage in combination with open or glazed storage. This where our computer aided room design can help you to visualise your future room design.