Accessory Buying Guide

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Since 1972 Beadlecrome Interiors furniture has been made by some of Europe’s leading design led, quality manufacturers who have spent years investing and producing to the highest quality standards.


We recommend you visit our showroom to look-feel-touch-sit-admire and try our beautiful quality dining tables and chairs, sofas, and storage arrangements before deciding on a purchase.


It’s very helpful to measure the room and the areas which you wish to furnish, as getting the scale and size is so important to the overall look of the room. Generally larger sofas or dining tables are not a lot higher in cost than sizes below them so it is tempting to go for the ‘extra size and value’ but beware as you often have to walk around your furniture to doors so check sizes and bring them with you when visiting us for our free computer design service.

The right look for your home

Sizes and awkward shaped rooms can make furnishing difficult. Consider the scale of your room. Select furniture that is functional but also not overstated and that does not look too heavy. Our sofas and chairs in leather, whilst soft and comfortable, can be easily cleaned so lighter colours may be chosen. Our Dining and Kitchen tables come in many sizes and remember you need to keep an area for the chairs or bench to allow easy access to and from the table to walk around. Very often the T.V. is still the principle area in the room where the family congregate. There is a need to co-ordinate the T.V. furniture where this sits or hangs with other styles in the room so the selection of finishes and styles which we offer makes a big difference to pulling it all together.