Home Office Buying Guide

Home office buying guide

The office furniture you choose will need to suit the space it is going to fit into. If you need help with measuring we offer a full measure service. Also if you are able to take measurements of the room and bring into store we can create a computer aided design of your room. This helps to eliminate any mistakes with items that are too large or too small and also gives you a visulation on how your perfect study could look. Also it will enable you to make use of every space you have within the room our clever planning will create the perfect solution for you.

Choose your material carefully based on the style of the room you wish to create. If you want to create the feeling of space then let us plan an office that uses lighter materials such as glossy lacquers, glass or light woods. For very compact spaces we can plan neat compact desk solutions and also practical corner storage solutions.

If you have ample space then let us maximise it for you with clever corner desk solutions and integrated book shelving and storage solutions. If you have specific storage solutions for computer hardware or files let us bespoke units to cope with these requirements.

Management of cables and plugs is also key to many individual solutions. We can plan accessories that will hide the majority of unsightly cables and plugs.

A desk chair is very important as it will need to fully support you for the hours whilst you sit and work. Choose from a full range of ergonomic desk chairs that come in a colour to suit your décor.