How to safely operate your sofa bed

How to safely operate your sofa bed

Sofa beds are another type of motion furniture that needs to be used with due care and attention. Both when you’re folding out the bed frame or returning it to its sofa function, be wary of the moving parts that can trap errant fingers and hands.

To use a sofa bed safely, please bear in mind the following:

Unsupervised children: Do not allow children under the age of 4 to use motion furniture. Children aged 4 and above should always be accompanied by a responsible adult. Similarly, children should not play with motion furniture, or be around motion furniture whilst operational. Sofa beds are not a toy.

Do not operate the sofa bed without reading the instructions and warnings, which have been provided to keep you safe.

Supervise the area when operating a sofa bed to avoid any unforeseen accidents involving children or pets.

Do not place hands or fingers anywhere around the mechanisms, either while static or when the sofa bed is in motion.

Adults or children should not stand or play on, under, or around the sofa bed when in use.

Always ask for assistance if you need help pulling out the sofa bed, otherwise, you may cause yourself an injury.

Only use the bed function of the sofa bed when it is fully extended and secure with any support legs in place.

Only use the sofa bed with the mattress provided with the product. This is because those mattresses are bespoke to the sofa bed and using a variation could damage the motion seating.

Beadle Crome Interiors will not take responsibility for damage to sofa beds when used with unspecified mattresses.


Stay safe, stay comfortable

Whichever type of motion furniture you choose, there are distinct hazards to be aware of. However, with adequate care and attention, you will be able to operate them safely.

If there’s ever any doubt that your motion furniture is unsafe to use, opt for the safe route and consult the product’s awareness and operational instructions.

You can also contact beadle crome Interiors customer service for technical consultation.