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Hadley Outdoor HeaterHadley Outdoor Heater
Hadley Outdoor Heater
Electric heater for wall installation, with bluetooth speakers. Made of metal and plastic, black finish.1500W halogen heating. Remote control. Timer. Arm for installation included. Cable: 1.8 m. IP55. G plug type (UK).
Hans Outdoor Suspension HeaterHans Outdoor Suspension Heater
Hans Outdoor Suspension Heater
Electrical heater for ceiling installation, suspension style. Made of metal and plastic, black finish. 600/900/1500W halogen heating. 1W LED light. Remote control. Cable: 1.8 m. IP44. G plug type (UK).

Harvey Outdoor HeaterHarvey Outdoor Heater
Harvey Outdoor Heater
Outdoor electric heater, lantern style. Made of plastic metal finished in black. With special protective grid and metal base. 1,200W halogen heating. Cable: 1.8 m. IP55. G plug type (UK).
Heat Sound Outdoor Heater
Heat Sound Outdoor Heater
Outdoor electric heater with RGB LED light, with remote control and speaker with bluetooth conection. Made of metal, black finish. With protective mesh and metal base. Halogen heat of 1500W. 1.8 mt cable.IP55. Lighting 8W LED RGB, 180 lm, 3000K