Italian Style, Function and Versatility: The Novara

Italian Style, Function and Versatility: The Novara

Novara is the Beadle Crome Interiors Italian range of Super Stylish Storage and Display Furniture – sourced and made in Italy.

For media storage, books, magazines, Objet D’Art and general chic hidden storage capability the range is incredibly versatile so that you can really make it your own. Work it so that the size, configuration and finish or colour combinations complement your interior perfectly.

The colours available are plenty and truly led by current Italian trends that will surpass time and remain cool and classy. Love them.

This is such an exciting range of furniture, very cleverly designed to meet multiple possibilities for modern and eclectic homes. This collection has been carefully thought through and so needs consideration and the help of the Beadle Crome Interiors Team to provide you with the very best configuration and finishing for your home. 

Bring your measurements to the Beadle Crome Interiors Store in Reading or invite them to come to you and achieve the desired furniture plan which can then be drawn up to scale and in 3D rotation so that you can visualise the arrangement in your space.

Priced competitively and of an excellent quality, it is a collection that you will keep returning to, to resolve Living area storage or display. Choose from muted and calm hues or strong colour. Mix matt or high gloss lacquers, Light & Dark Wood Veneers, Tinted or Acid Etched Glass and highly durable ceramic tops.

Interesting Horizontal and Vertical shelving arrangements punctuate sleek floating, wall-hung cabinets with the choice of drop down door, push up, or sliding.

Show off your cherished glassware or ornaments behind colour tinted glass-fronted cabinets or shelving sections.

Fill a whole wall and create depth and contrast in your living areas. Mount the TV onto amazing veneered panels, floor to ceiling or on a section between high and low furniture and at the same time hide all cables and connections.

You really need to see the range in the Beadle Crome Showroom to appreciate this practical and truly fantastic looking furniture.

Be inspired by these images, get acquainted on our website and come and experience the reality.

View Novara Online.

23rd July 2018

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