Eliot Tables By Cattelan Italia

Eliot tables are the most complete range of modern dining tables by Cattelan Italia. You can choose between several top materials and many finishes for the steel base. The Eliot table is a delicate, still eye-catching, piece of furniture that is never too excessive. The steel base, which develops from the center to the sides, forms a strong yet light structure, enhancing the excellence of the materials.
For example, if you want a wanted an Eliot CrystalArt version with glass top is decorated with an artistic printing, in more different colors. The same decorative technique can be found in the Eliot Crystalart Drive extendable glass table.
A more sober version is the Eliot Wood table with wooden top and irregular edges. Oblique regular edges finish the Eliot Wood Drive instead. The result is a compact extendable wooden table even if it is almost 3 meters long.
The line is further enhanced by the Eliot Keramik ceramic-top table and the Eliot Keramik Drive extending table, the latter of which is also available in the Eliot Keramik Round version with 3 legs.