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Howell's Barn Interior designed by Katja Ruane

Welcome to a service that we can offer you now, free of charge, while we all sit out this very unusual and unsettling set of circumstances.

Life will go on...

Our plans for our futures will go on and many of us now have the luxury of being able to pay attention to projects or plans for our homes that may have been set back by the business of daily schedules.

My name is Katja Ruane and with 25 years of practising Interior Design, having established my own design company and now working for Beadle Crome Interiors, it is my pleasure to help our customers with Design projects. We already do this. 

We can help you in these ways... 

• Design the layout of your room(s) 

• Suggest items that will fit proportionately into your designated space(s) 

• Provide 3D CAD visuals of suggested furniture layouts

 Work to suggested budgets for your project

 Suggest a colour scheme

All you need to do is... 

Provide us with a brief of your own desires for your space. 

Tell us which items of furniture you hope to include. You can use examples from our website. 

Send us basic measurements - width, length and height of your room.

Where the windows and doors are sited with the measurements either side and above.

Width and height of your windows and doors.

Tell us where radiators are positioned in the room and their measurements.

If you can send photographs of the room, this is also helpful.  

The service that we are offering to you is free and of course, we hope that you will select your furnishing items from Beadle Crome Interiors and enjoy coming to our showroom when we are all able to leave our homes again.


can correspond with you by email and over the phone as necessary. 

Email Katja with your brief and contact details.



Over the coming weeks, I will be presenting ideas relating to the various aspects of home enhancement, so be sure to visit our Blog page on our website and follow us on Facebook.


Until soon!
I look forward to helping you,