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Aileen Rugs
A Multi-Colour Decorative Core Range
from £50.00
Aldo Rugs
A Deep and sumptuous pile in the latest Moroccan look
from £75.00

Aleah Rugs
Hand-Tufted wool in a two colour modern pattern
from £85.00
Alessandra Rugs
Using a cut and loop method, the Alessandra collection boasts a luxuriously soft deep woven pile and a high-low textured finish. Available in a choice of multi coloured and tonal modern Morocran inspired designs. Each piece is finished with tassel fringe.
from £70.00

Anastasia Rugs
High Shrine abstract & geomtric designs
from £80.00
Bayeux Rugs
Machine woven in Belgium from durable, non-shedding, UV Stabilised yarn. Contemporary geometric designs across a classic colour palette are enhanced by silky soft high and low loop piles to create a subtle 3d effect
from £50.00

Blush RugsBlush Rugs
Blush Rugs
The Ultimate Rug, unrivalled in both quality and colour
from £185.00
Buchanan RugBuchanan Rug
Buchanan Rug
Abstract design screen printed on tip sheared viscose. Available in 4 sizes
from £350.00

Calligaris Apotema RugsCalligaris Apotema Rugs
Calligaris Apotema Rugs
APOTEMA Rug inspired by Japanese origami Jacquard-woven rug with a rectangular shape, made from mixed cotton and chenille yarns with plush effect and featuring a close net of triangles in the shades of sky blue on a light grey background. The pureness and rigour of classic geometry laws turn into a decorative pattern drawing inspiration from the origami Japanese paper, reinterpreted in...
from £582.00
Calligaris Arabia RugCalligaris Arabia Rug
Calligaris Arabia Rug
Jacquard-woven embossed rug with a rectangular shape made from mixed vintage-look fire-resistant yarns. ARABIA is the reduced-scale reproduction of a fragment of the largest rug in the world. It was commenced in 1903 by order of the Sultan of Persia and was completed only in 2009. The geometric pattern echoes the typical arabesque shapes in a gear-like interplay of stars and floral motifs. The rug...
from £582.00

Calligaris Cementino RugCalligaris Cementino Rug
Calligaris Cementino Rug
The Cementino is a plush polypropylene and polyester rug in a geometric pattern of mixed weaves and shades of beige, for a subtle play on texture. Available in two sizes.
from £575.00
Calligaris Chinese RugCalligaris Chinese Rug
Calligaris Chinese Rug
The Chinese Rug features a raised pattern of intersecting lines and a single circle in textured black cotton on a vintage-look mixed grey chenille background. Available in two sizes.
from £582.00

Calligaris Collage RugCalligaris Collage Rug
Calligaris Collage Rug
The College is a striking contemporary chenille and cotton rug in Ecru with motifs of criss-cross lines. Available in two sizes
from £575.00
Calligaris Esagono Rug
Calligaris Esagono Rug
• Geometric pattern with vintage look • Available in 2 sizes • 25% Polyester, 60% Acrylic Chenille and 15% Cotton
from £582.00

Calligaris Gava RugCalligaris Gava Rug
Calligaris Gava Rug
Jacquard-woven rug, made from mixed cotton and chenille yarns with plush effect. Single colour with a light grey background and black and sky blue decorations. Drawing inspiration from the decorations of the classic Gabbeh rugs, Gava features some of their typical zoomorphic figures. The small symbols and icons share primitive traits and are set in new imaginary contexts. Contours of mountains...
from £582.00
Calligaris Linee RugCalligaris Linee Rug
Calligaris Linee Rug
The Linee is a stylish jacquard rug with a bold symmetrical pattern in shades of pink and grey chenille mix. Available in two sizes.
from £582.00

Calligaris Luso RugCalligaris Luso Rug
Calligaris Luso Rug
The Luso is a contemporary carved jacquard rug with raised chenille patterns of contrast colour on a beige background. Available in two sizes.
from £582.00
Calligaris Marocco RugCalligaris Marocco Rug
Calligaris Marocco Rug
Jacquard-woven embossed rug with a rectangular shape made from mixed vintage-look fire-resistant yarns. MAROCCO echoes the geometric pattern of a ceramic mosaic in a Moroccan hammam. The blaze of geometric shapes and suggestive interplays of the multicoloured pattern results in the typical kaleidoscope effect. The rug composition is a blend of cotton, acrylic chenille and polyester. MAROCCO...
from £582.00

Calligaris Offset RugCalligaris Offset Rug
Calligaris Offset Rug
The Offset is a contemporary polypropylene and polyester rug with a linear geometric pattern of greys and mustard set back from a neutral surface. Available in two sizes.
from £575.00
Calligaris Sky Round Rug
Calligaris Sky Round Rug
The Calligaris Sky is a vibrant, contemporary long-pile synthetic rug with an ombre digital print. The rug features a 1.5cm black fabric edging for a stylish look

Calligaris Sky Rug
Calligaris Sky Rug
The Calligaris Sky is a vibrant, contemporary long-pile synthetic rug with an ombre digital print. The rug features a 1.5cm black fabric edging for a stylish look.
from £976.00
Calligaris Terrazzo RugCalligaris Terrazzo Rug
Calligaris Terrazzo Rug
The Terrazzo is a stylish contemporary rug in a textured terrazzo-style pattern of stone and brick tones. Available in two sizes.
from £575.00

Cashel Rug
Luxurious deep pile wool and viscose blend rugs
from £430.00
Comfort RugComfort Rug
Comfort Rug
A soft & luxurious touch with geometric pattern in a range of vibrant & neutral tones
from £95.00

Confine RugConfine Rug
Confine Rug
Stylish handwoven rug with tip sheared distressed viscose & contrast colour border
from £295.00
Connubia Tapi Rug
Connubia Tapi Rug
Machine Made Woven Rug Comes in two diffrent sizes
from £529.00

Eros Luna Rug
Eros Luna Rug
Fresh rug that would like nice in any room
from £750.00
Eros Petra Rug
Eros Petra Rug
Fresh rug that would like nice in any room
from £1,429.00

Gio Rug
Gio Rug
Modern & stylish with high shine & abstract design the Gio rug will grace any modern living space
from £85.00
Havana RugHavana Rug
Havana Rug
Havana is one of our new proposals on rugs to help you complete your living room. It is modern, with medium pile and a very soft touch. It is available in grey colour and in measures 200x300cm and 160x240cm.
from £412.00

Ligne Roset Soft and Doux RugsLigne Roset Soft and Doux Rugs
Ligne Roset Soft and Doux Rugs
Made To Meassure Soft and Doux Rug. Any size price available on quotation please call showroom 01189 581356 or email sales@beadlecromeinteriors.co.uk Machine-tufted rug in 18 %, New Zealand wool and 82 % polyester. Please allow for a tolerance of + / - 5 % in terms of both length and width. Available in five colours. Blanc, Creme, Gris, Bieu and Noir
Limone RugLimone Rug
Limone Rug
The Simone has The texture in a form of a diamond gives the rug a playful effect. It’s hand woven with 100% New Zealand wool (with a core of jute) in the North of Morocco. is available in 36 colours. Price Shown as Showroom model in Pastel Blue (Limone 351) Made To Messure. All diffirent sizes available please call for Price 01189 581356

Loire Handloomed Blue Rug
Loire Handloomed Blue Rug
The human touch makes each item a unique piece as a result of being handcrafted.
Loire Handloomed Taupe Rug
Loire Handloomed Taupe Rug
The human touch makes each item a unique piece as a result of being handcrafted

Loire Handwoven Yellow Rug
Loire Handwoven Yellow Rug
The human touch makes each item a unique piece as a result of being handcrafted.
Natuzzi Affresco Rug
Natuzzi Affresco Rug
Affresco is a wonderfully hand-woven carpet. The wool fleece is washed in salt to neutralize its original state, and then dyed to create unique and original colour combinations. The decoration recalls the 19th century tradition, while the washing process gives it a markedly contemporary look.

Natuzzi Anni Rug
The Anni rug creates harmonious geometric shapes to furnish with style and originality. great impact in any environment.
Natuzzi Seti rug
Natuzzi Seti rug
This refined carpet is made according to the traditional Tibetan hand-weaving technique from 100% bamboo silk, which ensures greater strength, flexibility and ease of handling. A distinctive feature of the Seti carpet is a neutral yet luminous color tone that changes according to the light
from £2,380.00

Natuzzi Whisper Rug Caviar Black
The right ally in terms of versatility and style. For the living area, the sleeping area or the office, Whisper adds a touch of sophistication to any environment.
Origin RugOrigin Rug
Origin Rug
Modern Rug In Trend Colours

Pathway Rugs
Woven with a blend including viscose, the pathway features a high sheen finish and a luxuriously weighted high-low pile. Available in a choice of decadent jewel colours, each piece is individually over-dyed to create unique variations throughout the collection.
from £210.00
Picture RugPicture Rug
Picture Rug
Fama presents a new line of rugs called “Picture Collection”. These new designs of rugs are inspired by the latest collections of fabrics with the special Fama touch. This collection includes rectangular rugs in two different sizes, 240x160cm and 200x300cm, and round carpets with 2 metres in diameter. With this collection Fama offers a new element that will delight the interiors...
from £347.00

Plain Black and White Rug
Plain Black and White Rug
Trend, design and color. Plays with optical effects and geometric shapes, perfect for colorful an trendy spaces. Match them with your sofa and give your living space an exclusive style.
from £1,429.00
Praga RugPraga Rug
Praga Rug
We present our new line of rugs, which are the perfect accessory for your home. They are modern, with short pile and a very nice touch. They are available in different colours with soft shades for a greater brightness. They have a great advantage: their short pile allows the use of cleaning robots. Available in different sizes: 200x300cm or 160x240cm. In addition, colour Beige is also available...
from £412.00

Realm Rugs
Machine Woven rugs featuring a multi-dimensional soft acrylic pile Available in 4 Sizes
from £265.00
Shaggy RugShaggy Rug
Shaggy Rug
The rugs from the Shaggy collection are handmade in India. They are soft, warm and with a fantastic and different colour range. Choose now which one matches better with your sofa.
from £412.00

Windsor Rug
A warm wool rug with a smart viscose border
from £120.00