Ligne Roset Paranoid 2 Reading Light

Product Description

Ligne Roset’s Paranoid 2 reading light is a flexible, directional reading light with black woven protective cover and a Gu 5.3 12V 5W LED bulb (12 LED’s, giving a concentrated lighting power of 200 Lumens, or the equivalent of a 25 W incandescent bulb).

The 3 articulated spindles are equipped with decorative LED ribbons - 36 LED’s in total, giving a lighting power of 74 Lumens.

Total consumption of reading light is 9.7 W. Truly modern, contemporary designer lighting.

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Meet The Designer


Training : Ecole supérieure de design Nantes Atlantique.

2007 : graduated from the E.N.S.C.I, with 'félicitations du jury'.

2006 : 'Appel à projet' VIA 2006. Knoll, Designers days 2006, Par Design Familia. 'Calice' produced by Chez Peretti, London.

2004 : assistant to François Azambourg on his 'Carte Blanche' VIA. Winner of Coram Design Award, Eindhoven

1999 - 2000 : Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts.

Date of birth : 07.06.1979.