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Skovby SM103 Multi-Function TableSkovby SM103 Multi-Function Table
Skovby SM103 Multi-Function Table
Thie new type of furniture is a fusion between a dining table and a desk and is primarily intended for homes with limited space. The SM103 is a multi-function table, which can be used for both dining, playing and work. The table has four drawers for storage of laptop, tablet, toys and much more. The table includes two extension leaves to be stored in a compartment under the tabletop and in its extended...
Was £1,539.00 Now from £1,231.00
Skovby SM105 plank tableSkovby SM105 plank table
Skovby SM105 plank table
The plank table consists of two solid planks and seats 8-10 people in its basic position. The planks are carried by two trapeze shaped frames giving the table a visually calm, yet solid expression. Like sm106, plank table sm105 may be extended to seat 12 people by adding an extension leaf to either end of the table.
Was £1,355.00 Now from £1,084.00

Skovby SM106 Plank TableSkovby SM106 Plank Table
Skovby SM106 Plank Table
The SM106 plank table consists of two solid planks and seats 8-10 people in its basic position. The planks are carried by two trapeze shaped frames giving the table a visually calm, yet solid expression. The SM106 table allows you to adjust the distance between the table legs. Depending on the width of your chairs, placing the table legs in position 1 will make room for two chairs between the table...
Was £1,469.00 Now from £1,175.00
Skovby SM111 Round TableSkovby SM111 Round Table
Skovby SM111 Round Table
Skovby SM 111 dining table is a 2018 NEW, in a classic timeless round design. In the daily life, the table does not fill much, but under the worktop there is 1 folding plate, which can be folded out easily and extend the table from Ø105 to L145 cm, allowing extra guests. If you want a round table, with the option of extra extension, you can look at the slightly larger model SM 112 - where you...
Was £1,339.00 Now from £1,071.00

Skovby SM112 Round TableSkovby SM112 Round Table
Skovby SM112 Round Table
The round SM112 table is a larger verson of SM111.The table is supplied with two matching extension leaves and an additional two leaves can be ordered to bring the table to a total of 330 cm. This will seat 12-14 people. The table is supllied with a supporting leg that must be used when more than two extension leaves are in use. The design is very similar to that of the SM26 and SM27 tables, but the...
Was £1,629.00 Now from £1,303.00
Skovby SM20 Dining TableSkovby SM20 Dining Table
Skovby SM20 Dining Table
This modern, ellipse shaped dining table has three extension leaves stored underneath its tabletop. When extended with one leaf, an extra chair will fit between the table legs. If extended with all three leaves, a total of four chairs will fit between the table legs making room for ten people. In other words, this table is perfect for a townhouse, a city apartment or any home with limited space, where...
Was £1,229.00 Now from £983.00

Skovby SM22 Dining TableSkovby SM22 Dining Table
Skovby SM22 Dining Table
This boat shaped trestle table has two characteristic, three-legged trestles which are connected. In its basic position the table seats 4-6 people. Thanks to its patented extension system, this capacity is however, easily extended to provide seating for 4 extra people. Through a light pull at either table end the extension leaf automatically reveals, and unfolds.
Was £1,829.00 Now from £1,463.00
Skovby SM28 Dining TableSkovby SM28 Dining Table
Skovby SM28 Dining Table
The Skovby SM 28 Dining Table challenges traditional design with its patented extension mechanism. The simple table stores two extension leaves under the table top which take the table from 180cm in length to 280cm in length. For even more seating, an extra one or two extension leaves can be bought separately, making the table 380cm long with room to seat 16 people. When you buy the extra leaves,...
Was £1,169.00 Now from £935.00

Skovby SM101 Dining TableSkovby SM101 Dining Table
Skovby SM101 Dining Table
Multi-function dining table Skovby SM101
Was £1,439.00 Now from £1,151.00
Skovby SM11 Dining TableSkovby SM11 Dining Table
Skovby SM11 Dining Table
Skovby SM11 dining table with function and aesthetics, going up into a higher unity and room for six to twelve persons
Was £1,599.00 Now from £1,279.00

Skovby SM13 Dining TableSkovby SM13 Dining Table
Skovby SM13 Dining Table
Skovby SM13 dining table in a pure, modern design
Was £1,419.00 Now £1,135.00
Skovby SM17 Dining TableSkovby SM17 Dining Table
Skovby SM17 Dining Table
Skovby SM 17 dining table in a classic design
Was £1,749.00 Now from £1,399.00

Skovby SM19 Dining TableSkovby SM19 Dining Table
Skovby SM19 Dining Table
Patented Skovby SM19 dining table
Was £2,165.00 Now £1,732.00
Skovby SM23 Dining TableSkovby SM23 Dining Table
Skovby SM23 Dining Table
Patented Skovby SM 23 dining table with a unique design and function
Was £1,899.00 Now from £1,519.00

Skovby SM24 Dining TableSkovby SM24 Dining Table
Skovby SM24 Dining Table
Patented Skovby SM24 dining table in a unique design. The most flexible and stable in the market
Was £2,269.00 Now from £1,815.00
Skovby SM26 Dining TableSkovby SM26 Dining Table
Skovby SM26 Dining Table
Skovby SM26 dining table - a new interpretation of the classic eight-legged Skovby table SM05
Was £1,989.00 Now from £1,591.00

Skovby SM30 Dining TableSkovby SM30 Dining Table
Skovby SM30 Dining Table
Patent pending dining table, Skovby SM30. The shape of the table is simple and minimalist and designed for families a. o. with the need of varying table height. This unique multi-purpose table can simply be adjusted in height from 64 cm up to 110 cm! Press an up/down button under the tabletop and the top is raised or lowered to exactly the height needed.
Was £2,765.00 Now from £2,212.00
Skovby SM32 Dining Table
Special Offer
Skovby SM32 Dining Table
Patented round Skovby SM32 dining table with a unique extensionPatented round SkovbySM32 dining table with 3 folding leaves stored in base.
Was £2,599.00 Now from £2,079.00

Skovby SM37  Dining TableSkovby SM37  Dining Table
Was £1,699.00 Now £1,359.00
Skovby SM38 Dining TableSkovby SM38 Dining Table
Skovby SM38 Dining Table
Skovby SM 38 dining table in a unique design
Was £2,045.00 Now from £1,636.00

Skovby SM39 Dining TableSkovby SM39 Dining Table
Skovby SM39 Dining Table
Patented Skovby SM39 dining table with a dynamic appearance The Skovby SM39 dining table has a very characteristic design with a sculptural V-shaped base.
Was £2,119.00 Now from £1,695.00
Skovby SM72 Dining TableSkovby SM72 Dining Table
Special Offer
Skovby SM72 Dining Table
Skovby SM72 dining table with a patented extension system
Was £1,599.00 Now from £1,279.00

Skovby SM73 Dining TableSkovby SM73 Dining Table
Skovby SM73 Dining Table
Patented extension system
Was £1,969.00 Now from £1,575.00
Skovby SM74 Dining TableSkovby SM74 Dining Table
Skovby SM74 Dining Table
Skovby SM 74 dining table from six to twelve seatings
Was £1,895.00 Now from £1,516.00

Skovby SM78 Dining TableSkovby SM78 Dining Table
Skovby SM78 Dining Table
Patent pending Skovby SM78 dining table in a unique design
Was £1,599.00 Now from £1,279.00
Skovby SM93 Dining Chair
Skovby SM93 Dining Chair
This modern and stylish dining chair provides great seating comfort and will look great in any home. Choose between many beautiful and durable covers in fabric and leather.
Was £295.00 Now from £251.00

Skovby SM 40 Chair
Skovby SM 40 Chair
here exists many sleigh chairs manufactured in steel. Skovby's sm40 Sleigh chair is a resistant and strong chair designed with a frame of wood, providing it with a cool, yet elegant look. The frame is constructed in a trapeze-shape, which perfectly matches the frames of Skovby's sm105 and sm106 Plank tables. But of course the sm40 Sleigh chair may also be combined with any other Skovby table.
Was £299.00 Now from £239.00
Skovby SM48 Dining ChairSkovby SM48 Dining Chair
Skovby SM48 Dining Chair
The SM48 dining chair is a reinterpretation of the Skovby-classic SM58, best known for its classic and elegant look. We have made the curved back of the chair a little shorter than the original model. This provides the new SM48 dining chair with new life and a great, modern expression. The Skovby SM48 dining chair still has a beautiful brushed steel-frame, providing a nice contrast to a wooden dining...
Was £339.00 Now from £271.00

Skovby SM50 Dining ChairSkovby SM50 Dining Chair
Skovby SM50 Dining Chair
The new multi-purpose dining table is supplemented with chair SM50, which transforms from a normal height dining chair to a counter height bar stool.  
Was £389.00 Now from £311.00
Skovby SM65 ChairSkovby SM65 Chair
Skovby SM65 Chair
This fully upholstered chair is designed in a new way. The chair has been tested and approved for use in public spaces, which mans that the construction is especially strong and durble. The chair has a harmonious design and an amazing seting comfort.
Was £445.00 Now from £356.00

Skovby SM92 Dining Chair
Skovby SM92 Dining Chair
This modern and stylish dining chair will look great in any home. The SM92 is available in a wide range of finishes and you can choose between many beautiful and durable covers in fabric and leather. Last, but not least, the SM92 provides great seating comfort.
Was £289.00 Now from £231.00
Skovby SM99 Dining ChairSkovby SM99 Dining Chair
Skovby SM99 Dining Chair
Trendy low back dining armchair with an exciting contrast between the brushed steel legs and the wooden back. The wooden back of the chair has a unique flex function that ensures maximum back support. The design is tight and angular with a distinctive modern look. Choose between many beautiful, durable covers in fabric and leather.
Was £505.00 Now from £404.00

Skovby SM51 Dining ChairSkovby SM51 Dining Chair
Skovby SM51 Dining Chair
Skovby SM51 dining chair with a unique flex function 
Was £375.00 Now from £300.00
Skovby SM52 Dining ChairSkovby SM52 Dining Chair
Skovby SM52 Dining Chair
Skovby SM52 dining chair, very classic in its details
Was £299.00 Now £239.00

Skovby SM58 Dining ChairSkovby SM58 Dining Chair
Skovby SM58 Dining Chair
Skovby SM58 dining chair in brushed steel
Was £339.00 Now from £271.00
Skovby SM59 Dining ChairSkovby SM59 Dining Chair
Web Exclusive
Skovby SM59 Dining Chair
The SM59 dining armchair is in brushed steel with a padded, double curved back and a wide seat, which provide an amazing seating comfort.
Was £365.00 Now £310.25

Skovby SM63 Dining ChairSkovby SM63 Dining Chair
Skovby SM63 Dining Chair
Skovby SM63 dining chair with an amazing seating comfort
Was £349.00 Now £279.00
Skovby SM64 Dining ChairSkovby SM64 Dining Chair
Skovby SM64 Dining Chair
Modern Skovby SM64 dining chair with upholstered back.
Was £299.00 Now from £239.00

Skovby SM66 Dining ChairSkovby SM66 Dining Chair
Skovby SM66 Dining Chair
Vertical slat back dining chair in a modern expression and comfortable seating.
Was £425.00 Now from £340.00
Skovby SM90 Dining ChairSkovby SM90 Dining Chair
Skovby SM90 Dining Chair
Low back dining chair for the discerning customer.
Was £279.00 Now from £223.00

Skovby SM91 Dining ChairSkovby SM91 Dining Chair
Skovby SM91 Dining Chair
Skovby SM91 dining chair with a comfortable seating
Was £265.00 Now from £212.00
Skovby SM94 Dining ChairSkovby SM94 Dining Chair
Skovby SM94 Dining Chair
Skovby SM94 dining chair in a unique expression of a contemporary design
Was £279.00 Now from £223.00

Skovby SM95 Dining ChairSkovby SM95 Dining Chair
Skovby SM95 Dining Chair
Skovby SM95 dining chair with an amazing seating comfort
Was £349.00 Now from £279.00
Skovby SM96 Dining ChairSkovby SM96 Dining Chair
Skovby SM96 Dining Chair
Skovby SM96 dining chair with a great seating comfort
Was £279.00 Now from £223.00

Skovby SM98 Dining Chair
Skovby SM98 Dining Chair
Trendy low back dining chair with an exciting contrast between the brushed steel legs and the wooden back.
Was £469.00 Now from £375.00
SkovbySM53 Dining ChairSkovbySM53 Dining Chair
SkovbySM53 Dining Chair
Skovby SM53 dining chair with a design that dates back to the Bauhaus school
Was £299.00 Now from £239.00

Skovby SM302 HighboardSkovby SM302 Highboard
Skovby SM302 Highboard
This tall sideboard from Skovby is both spacious and practical. It contains adjustable shelves and has 'soft close' doors. The sideboard SM302 is designed to match the lower Skovby SM300 sideboard
Was £1,935.00 Now from £1,548.00
Skovby SM306 Sideboard
Skovby SM306 Sideboard
Sideboard #306 has a simple and classic construction, which is perfect for stylish interior design. The sideboard consists of 2 spacious drawers and 2 shelves behind two doors. The 2 other doors hide a double cabinet with a wide shelf that gives room for larger dishes and serving bowls. The sideboard is designed to match #307, which has the same light and classic design.
Was £1,199.00 Now from £959.00
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